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HOF All Purpose Seasoning

HOF All Purpose Seasoning


House of Flava All Purpose Seasoning blend is one of the most versatile and flavorful All Purpose Seasonings you'll find, HANDS DOWN!! It uses a unique blend and mix of delicious spices that will compliment ANY dish you prepare. You can add mouthwatering flavor on chicken, beef, lamb, pork, seafood, french fries, vegetables and spice up your soups, side dishes and so much more! 


This blend is created using, garlic, thyme, onion, parsley, himalayan salt and other delicious spices. This is the swiss army knife of seasonings when you need something that covers it all. It literally goes on EVERYTHING!


** Shake well before each use to redistribute and balance your servings**




Enjoy FREE U.S. SHIPPING on all orders over $59!!

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