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Holiday Flavor Cook book - Paperback

Holiday Flavor Cook book - Paperback


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Holiday Flavor: A Flavor-Filled Holiday Cookbook with Recipes of Comfort and Soul!

Celebrate the holiday by exciting your senses with flavor and soul. There are so many wonderful things that take place at the kitchen table, far beyond just food. It is the epicenter of family gatherings, story telling, and a symbol of togetherness.


The holiday season allows us to renew our sense of family and unity, and preparing certain foods, especially the ones we've always loved,  often bring about memories from years that have past. The recipes in this book are carefully hand crafted and perfect for anyone who loves holiday food with mouthwatering flavor. Each recipe when shared, helps to capture a flavorful and delicious memory with your loved ones, for many years to come.


One of the great pleasures of cooking at this time of the year is that you get to experience and share preparation with family and friends. Miguel has included flavor-filled recipes that cover the holiday essentials, offers tasty elevation and nice touches of soul. Holiday flavor is about seasoning the moments and each recipe reflects a piece of an untold story that all comes together at the end, for a perfect plate of holiday happiness.

MOUTHWATERING FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY:  All photographed to capture the realness and visual taste of each delicious recipe.

CREATE A NEW MEMORY: Whether you're a first time holiday cook, a seasoned pro or looking for the perfect holiday gift. Holiday Flavor will not only help make your holiday gatherings delicious, but also your future memories of today, will be joyful and flavorful in every way. A MUST HAVE!

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