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Ginger Root, Honey Tea

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

We rarely ever get sick in my house and I'd like to believe drinking this tea has contributed to keeping myself and my family well!

Over the last 2 years, awareness of our family's and our own personal health has been more important than ever. Being raised by my grandmother, she always had a remedy for something. If your leg wasn't falling off, then there was no need for medicine or a doctor lol. As I got older I seemed to have taken on the natural healing mindset in most cases and it has worked out very well. I am a frequent traveler and this didn't stop a whole lot during covid. I personally drink this tea multiple times a week and around 3 times a day especially when Im traveling. It's not only is healthy for you, but taste pretty good as well. I am not claiming this to be some magic solution, but what I am saying is when most people around me are sick, the bug seems to always bypass me. I believe this to be a strong contributor to my improved immune system. Give it a try! If you enjoy this, check out He's Got Flavor cookbook here in the store and available on Thank you for your support!

Here's What You'll Need!

1 Whole ginger root (cut into slices)

4/5 cups water

2 whole lemons (cut into slices)

1 to 2 tablespoons honey (to taste)

Here's How You Make The Tea in 3 Easy Steps!

1. Prepare the fresh ginger by peeling it and slicing it. (I prefer to rinse off the ginger and leave on the outer peel) Next cut the lemon into slices.

2. In a medium sauce pot, add the water, ginger and lemon slices and bring to a rolling boil for 10 minutes. Reduce heat and let simmer for an additional 10 minutes.

3. Remove it from the heat, strain (if you prefer) , and add the honey to taste. Enjoy your ginger root, honey tea!


1. One secret to great ginger tea is to add more fresh ginger, simmered for a long time to bring out the delicious flavors. I also add some of the pieces of ginger and lemons from the pot into my cup.

2. If you have leftover ginger root, you can freeze it to use later.

3. For tea throughout the week, make a big batch by multiplying the recipe. Store the tea in a sealed container in the refrigerator. Drink it cold, in the morning as a cold shot, or heat it up one cup at a time within a week for the freshest taste. (I personally don't store it as I like it made fresh daily)

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